Everstrong believes that the fundamental purpose of capital is to create long term shareholder value. The firm focuses on late stage infrastructure development opportunities, where we can leverage the firm’s experience and networks to assemble or expand predictable revenue generation from essential infrastructure assets.


We have extensive experience in the development and finance of infrastructure companies for electric power generation, energy transportation and storage, water, communications, and transportation. Throughout their careers, our team members have worked on hundreds of projects and organized billions of dollars for specific projects and infrastructure funds.

Broad Relationships

Our team has senior relationships with leading global construction, engineering, and development firms that provide services to the infrastructure sector. These relationships provide Everstrong with both a differentiated pipeline of opportunities as well as the means to assemble infrastructure assets in a way that minimizes investor risk.

Asset Assembly

Everstrong’s asset assembly process allows us to quickly prioritize the long list of potential opportunities available and focus efforts on using capital to tactically remove the barriers to initial or incremental revenue generation in assets.

Risk Management

Everstrong only invests in assets with clear line of site to revenue production. In addition to its singular focus on later stage development, Everstrong shares risk with its development partners while focusing on protected assets where Everstrong can achieve an exclusive interest.

Unique transactions

These ingredients of our firm allow us to present a differentiated portfolio of middle market infrastructure assets that are neither subject to the type of bidding competition as is common with more mature assets or many of the risks common to typical infrastructure project development.